Compassionate Emergency Housing & Counseling

At Glory House Recovery Inc. in Hempstead, New York, we specialize in providing compassionate emergency housing and counseling to those recovering from major events. We help out homeless people from all walks of life, including victims of domestic violence, those with substance abuse issues and mental illness, HIV/AIDS patients, and simply impoverished people.

Our Sites

. Those who need supervision, such as drug or alcohol counseling or help with daily activities, will receive the help they need at our emergency housing facilities.

Additionally, we provide emergency counseling for those in need of counseling, such as drug abusers, victims of violence, and the mentally ill. Each guest will receive three meals a day and two snacks, with all food prepared in-house.

Youth - Emergency Housing
Consultation - Emergency Housing

Professional Team

Our team of human service professionals works with our emergency counseling service to develop a tailored treatment plan for each individual in our facilities. We'll find out what is needed to help and reach out to the community to help everyone we can, including those who need substance abuse treatment, emergency counseling for domestic violence, and help finding more appropriate housing. We also provide transportation, literacy programs, and much more to help people become functioning members of society again.

Contact us for compassionate emergency housing and get help with emergency counseling.